Sunday, September 23, 2012

Franklin Fishing

I would venture to guess that most students at Franklin College, or even residents of the city itself, don't think too highly of the fishing options in and around Franklin. However, I found that, with a little work, several bountiful fishing spots can be found within a 15-20 minute drive.

"My favorite spot is the Big Blue River," said Franklin junior Zach Zehren. "There's lots of smallmouths (bass) in there, and they always give a good fight."

The Big Blue River runs through Edinburgh, Ind., about 15 minutes south of Franklin. Some of the best spots can be accessed just off a main road, while others require a bit of hiking or maybe even a river crossing.

"I just like to fish moving water because the fish usually bite on many different types of bait due to their variety of food," said Zehren.

Cole Richards works for AJ Guide Service on Lake Cumberland in the summer, but he also enjoys pulling bluegills out of the little water around Franklin.

"It's laid back, small water fishing," he said. "You don't spend all your time looking for the fish so you have more time to work on a specific skill or experiment with a variety of lures."

When Cole took me to a pond, I had to ask how he ever found such a spot.

"A friend and I got the idea to look on Google Earth, and now we all have iPhones, so we pull up the satellite and try to find some water where we think we won't get caught."

Finally, there are also several public waters including the Driftwood Recreation Area, south of Franklin off of SR 31.

"I like fishing because it's relaxing," said Lee Tompkins, a Franklin College junior and member of the US Army National Guard. "I can (be close to campus) but forget about everything I have to worry about at school."

**Note** Fishing on private land is not strictly legal. That being said, some of the best fishing spots can be found here. The author does not assume any responsibility for readers' actions.

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  1. John: I once had a nearby golf course that was perfect when I just had to have a fish strew made with bluegill. I tried to go only for ice fishing so I wouldn't disturb any golfers. But the manager asked my friend, his sons, and I in a nice way to cease and desist. I wonder if the land owners would give permission just the way hunters do? I also found some good bass fishing in areas near Rte 7 and 3 outside Seymour. The best for me have been the creek beds for bass. And it's fun (and instructive) to watch them approach the bait or lure. Nice job.