Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A good night on the pond

We got out of football practice at 5 tonight, much earlier than usual, so my friend Zach Zehren and I headed out to one of our favorite spots to fish. The journalist side of me wants to tell you where we went, but the fisherman in me says, "yeah, right." So I  guess you'll just have to settle with knowing that this pond is well within the city limits, and less than a 10 minute drive from Franklin College.

The night started off fairly slow, but Zach was finally able to snag a couple largemouths, probably in the area of 1 pound, maybe a little bigger. He caught these on a big, white spinner, so I also started throwing one in hopes of changing my luck.

After about 20 minutes with no bites (and way too many "grass pikes" of weeds) I decided to switch it up and start throwing a purple weedless worm. Within five casts I had landed by first fish of the night (similar in size to the first two) and a few more minutes yielded another fish for both of us.

We managed to catch 11 total fish in the hour and a half we were there, with all of mine coming on that worm. Zach caught his first two on that spinner and the rest with a multi-rig, an interesting bait that is made up of many (in this case four) smaller baits tied together.

We fish to have fun and relax, but there's also a bit of competition. Tonight, Zach had the most fish (six to my five) while I had the biggest (a largemouth that was about 2.5lbs).
Me with my largemouth, our biggest catch of the day. I caught it by working a purple weedless worm through some weeds near the shore. We guessed its weight at around 2.5lbs, but then again, we are fisherman.

Zach with our 11 fish stringer at the end of the night. The far left is my big one, while the second from the right was his biggest catch of the night. We only kept them on the stringer for the picture and threw them all back at the end of the night.

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